Opiskelijat ja nuoret aikuiset

Opiskelijat ja nuoret aikuiset 

HUOMIO! Koronaviruksen vuoksi loppukevään opiskelijaillat on peruttu.
NOTE! Due to coronavirus the Student night are cancelled.

Tervetuloa opiskelijoiden ja nuorten aikuisten sivuille!

Teemaillat kokoavat ihmisiä yhteen ajankohtaisten aiheiden äärelle. Tilaa uutiskirje klikkaamalla tästä, niin pysyt perillä tulevista tapahtumista!


Näiltä sivuilta löydät tietoa tapahtumista ja toiminnasta, joita seurakuntamme sinulle järjestää. Löydät tietoa myös oppilaitoksissa tehtävästä työstä.


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Are you worried about the coronavirus?

These are special times we are living – not many of us have ever experienced anything like ever this in our lives. Many things have changed during the past few weeks. Many everyday activities that were safe and simple only couple of weeks ago are now to be avoided or totally forbidden.

As we are witnessing all the things coronavirus is causing around the world, it is clear that this isn’t just “the common cold”. This virus already affects most of us regardless whether we get sick or not: school closures, public transit restrictions, economic slowdowns, countries closing borders, mandatory work-from-home policies…
This virus is to be taken seriously, and we all have to try the very best we can to contain the spread. This is to avoid the local health systems from getting overwhelmed and to protect the people that are the most vulnerable (the high-risk groups).

Almost everyone is concerned.
And you know what – it is ok to feel anxious, uncertain or even afraid. Those are natural responses to a current situation. The idea of being in control in your own life is one of the greatest thing that gives us comfort. And this virus is showing us that there are thing that are not totally under our control.

A central part of worry is the intolerance of uncertainty. Some of us cope easier while some struggle more. Some seem to keep on going without worrying too much while others find themselves almost paralysed with worried thoughts.

We have to take coronavirus seriously – but there is no need to panic.
These are demanding times, but we WILL get by. Together.

I want to remind you, that even during these special times, I am here for you.
If you need someone to talk to, I can be that someone.
I am not a nurse or a doctor but I am an expert of listening.
And it is my job to take care of the students and staff of my schools during any time.

You can contact me on IG or Whatsapp, you can write or call. There are many ways of contacting me.

Just remember: You are not alone.